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The MMIWG report chronicles exploitation without really defining it

 It was an "inescapable conclusion" that genocide was committed against Canada's Indigenous peoples, said Marion Buller, the chief commissioner for the National Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls, during a Monday news conference.

Missing and murdered wonen

Video contains mature subject matter


The Bible is a Book of Inclusion and Love


So my message for you is that if you see someone hold up this Book,

 and sound full of fear and hate, they have not really read it right.

We need to be the love.


Love is not flighty; love is not fickle.

 Any of you who have truly loved know that love is resilient and persistent

 and determined and irrepressible.


 We need to face the people who are so afraid that they speak in hate.

 We need to face them with the resilient love that resides in justice.


We need to let them know that the One who created each of us

 special and different delights in difference and sees all of God’s children as flowers of divinity 

— each of us as special and precious.




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